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Cancer Daily Horoscope for Saturday, July 2, 2022

Cancer, legal issues could make your head burst


Cancer, you might be too devoted, when you're barely getting enough. Remember that love needs balance and equity. If you're always pulling around… you'll eventually break.

Try to reach a proper agreement through conversation. Be honest about what you feel, and also about what you're perceiving. You'll be surprised about your partner's standpoint, especially about what you're resenting.


The Daily Horoscope points out that, if you have too much debt, that's a stick on the wheel of your finances. You can't go on a crazy shopping spree, because you fear losing all your money to pay bills.

You might want to think about saving up or dividing up your pending payments. If you're always swamped up to your neck, it's hard to manage. Watch out for surprise payments too, because you could get charged out of the blue, and the situation will get even worse, Cancer.


Your Horoscope has an important warning before you head to work. You're likely to get visited or called: an IRS supervisor is here to run an inspection on you, Cancer.

You must feel at ease about your accounts because you're methodical and a perfectionist, and that includes your finances. But don't forget to have your documents up to date, to avoid being taken over by legal issues. You'll overcome this hurdle, and there won't be any consequences.


The Daily Horoscope wants you to stop self-diagnosing, especially through the Internet. Remember that, to survive, search engines depend on juicy, morbid news.

You're likely to ask Google or Bing about a headache, to prevent brain metastasis from happening. Learn to be more rational than that. Trust your doctor when you see him because you're in pain, Cancer.


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