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Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, January 2, 2021: You'll win everyone over with your smile

You need to stay active and decisive if you want love to happen


Cancer, someone interesting will come onto your path,  but you need to stay active and decisive if you want that to happen. Cupid won't be shooting his arrows if you stay locked up at home. As a single person, you'll meet some interesting individuals in cultural events.

Go to the movies and enjoy a film in your favourite genre, get tickets for the new play that just came into town, or head into an art exhibit. Let the world see you for who you are, and you'll win everyone over with your smile. A play or an art exhibit might be where you find love.

As far as married couples go, the stars encourage you to stick to traditional plans, such as romantic candlelight dinners... But save your dessert for the bedroom instead.

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One of the goals you should set for the new year is to tear down your fear of negotiation. You never know how to start a conversation where you make your manager (or customers, even) see how much your talent and professionalism are worth.

Wait for a while before asking for a raise and analyse the situation before making the next move. If you've got a friend or two who work in Human Resources, talk to them and have them give you tips on how to deal with these affairs without looking too snotty.

If you're out of work, you should start making your CV go around. Days and weeks will fly by before you notice, and you'll still be putting off the job search.


Physically speaking, you'll do just fine. You'll have a good nervous endurance, and your ability to recover will stand out above the crowd.

If you've got issues with your metabolism and food processing, you need to watch your diet closer to avoid bloating up too much.

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