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Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, February 2, 2021: Break ties with your shame once and for all

Love can help you see the sun shine bright in the dullest of days


Cancer, don't despise the feeling of love.  It's got immense power, and it can help you see the sun shine bright in the dullest of days. Having taken a look at this minor reflection from your horoscope, if you love someone, don't keep quiet about it. Enough with secret relationships!

Break ties with your shame once and for all, and express openly how happy that man or woman makes you and helps you smile. There's no hardship in the world that could break strong and authentic love bonds.

Some of you will have the courage to leave everything behind and go away with your beloved; others will make the relationship official and will have a family introduction, the way the other person deserves.

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When it comes to work, you've got to slow down the pace. It's true that you have all sorts of skills and strengths, but that doesn't mean you should finish your duties first or point out anyone who takes longer in achieving good results.

With your finances, there might be some minor pitfalls; the intentions to live beyond what you can afford seem to be failing. Why boast about your luxuries and riches if you're mean and miserable elsewhere?

Avoid wealthy or sketchy financing friends, they could encourage you to go down paths that weren't meant for someone as honest as you.


Through seemingly small and harmless gestures, you could be improving your health.  For instance, at work, if you need to use the bathroom, you could go to the toilets of a different floor and use the stairs. Stretch out your legs and move around more often!

And whenever you have a snack, make sure you always aim for raw fruits and greens; no artificial juices or products are allowed.

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