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Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, December 2, 2020: Your feelings are blowing out of proportion

You'll find someone just as dramatic as you today, Cancer


Cancer, your feelings are blowing out of proportion; everything that goes through your mind or heart is too big for comfort. You'll love really passionately, or on the contrary, if you've gone through heartache, anxiety and hate will take over your life.

If your marriage is in an obvious rut, that intensity could create a wound, and break-up could come sooner than later.

If we're talking about singles, you'll find someone just as dramatic as you, although your personalities could collide. Two people can't have the lead role, and you'll need to deal with whatever circumstances arise.

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Don't try to project a series of skills you don't have at work. Your weaknesses will come out under the spotlight and you'll get the opposite effect to what you wanted. That way, you'll do nothing but get stuck, and you'll need to double your efforts to progress into the desired path.

You need to make a better use of time, because there's a strong tendency to procrastinate. You're often too attentive to what social networks say, instead of facing your contract-induced duties.

Strong investments should be left off for next year, and you should also watch your expenses closely, because as Christmas comes in, your finances will take a toll (if you want to do something special for each of your loved ones).


Love could heal some of your mental and physical wounds. Let out your inner creative soul,  because artistic expression will allow you to bring up some of the most hurtful issues you're going through (which you normally don't share).

Make music, draw, dance. Just find yourself a way to exploit whatever discipline you're good at, because it'll let you get to know your inner self so much better.

Others will choose to practice new sports, looking for intense physical activity to lower down the stress of everyday life.

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