Cancer Horoscope for Friday

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, April 2, 2021: You want love to come back and forth

You'll fill your soul with new emotions


Cancer, sensitivity is running deep inside you over this first Friday in April, and you'll fill your soul with new emotions tremendously easily.

You own up to every piece of good news you get, or even the beautiful things you see on TV. You can feel an irrepressible desire to make the most of your time, giving away love, and getting it back with no trace of shame.

You can feel your awareness growing, because you can express your feelings better. You appreciate more what's around you, and you know that any situation can teach a lesson, no matter how sticky it is.

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Work is giving you serious headaches this week, which seems to be growing far too long. You're on what might be called a rut, although if everything went smooth sailing, you'd complain anyway because you're bored.

Someone with power in the company will be extremely unfair against one of your colleagues. You'll learn a valuable lesson: there's people that shouldn't be your enemy, and you'll see more than one person who could become that.

Today will be a great day if you work in a team; you'll be a great team member and an excellent order follower.


It's about time you got up and stopped moping about your misfortune. The weekend's just about to come, and you're burning away all your worries because you know that most of them don't even have a reason to be around.

You could include some more fruit in your diet. For instance, strawberries are very tasty, and full of vitamin C, which is a must if you want to improve your immune system. Did you know that they can even keep your gums healthy too?

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