Cancer Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, September 19, 2020: Learn to negotiate your work conditions

Bet it all in for someone you already know


Cancer, this Saturday you'll have good omens in love. And this makes you truly happy, because you don't feel like having arguments with loved ones over the weekend.

Thus, your married life will go back to its previous pleasant, harmonious state. The relationship to your husband or wife will be ruled by connection and enthusiasm, and you'll go back to feeling butterflies in your belly, just as intense as the ones from the day you met.

However, it's time to watch out if you're the kind of single adventurer that flocks from one area to another. Your feelings could go into overdrive when realising that there's a lack of authenticity to your latest love stories. Maybe you should bet it all in for someone you already know.

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You'll be the most sceptical sign of all; today you feel like both your legs are being pulled and someone's playing around to trick you and steal your money. Your financial emotions will be on a roller coaster today.

Some of you will feel unappreciated at work; you think your salary isn't as big as you deserve, or that your position is the wrong one, because you're so much more worthy. Long story short, you believe you deserve better.

Use the weekend to get a good reading on negotiation, so that when Monday rolls in, you'll be able to get a meeting arranged with your managers to make your conditions more profitable, in every sense of the word.

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In order for your health to improve, you need to learn to share the work.  You've become trapped in a pretty stressful spiral, and you've got more obligations than you can answer to.

The feeling that you're the one pulling the most weight is definitely true, but it's also a fact that you feel things will go wrong if you don't do them yourself.

To connect your body and mind properly, it might be perfect to enjoy some time alone to meditate.