Cancer Horoscope - Friday, February 19, 2021: Time to improve your family connections

Today's a great day to rebuild your relationship


Cancer, you've learned to watch your sense of humour  just as closely as your foul side. Today you'll experience a circumstance that would have made you explode at some other point, but you'll choose to just laugh it all off and give it the right amount of importance; no more, no less.

Today's a great day to rebuild your relationship with your kids if it's grown cold. Take your part of the blame and don't be too harsh when pointing out mistakes they might have made. No one's ever born with every life lesson learned.

You're working real well on your empathy, and that can help you in love as well. You'll understand your beloved better, you'll know why they act the way they do, and realise that some of their mysterious behaviours were only trying to give you the best.

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You're still fighting strong at work.  The good perspective you had will still be present today. You've come to see your great skills, and realised that there's things that are simpler to do than you'd been told.

Your calling is sending you a stronger signal than ever, and many of you will consider getting started on new studies (or working at a different field) that has little to nothing to do with what you've lived thus far.

You'll have a strong grip when pushing away people with dark intentions from your path. If you've got your own business and you know there's an employee that doesn't do enough, you'll be able to set them straight.


You've got a great line of thoughts,  and that will help you improve your health. You'll feel more and more cheerful, and you'll improve in ailments and illnesses that had quite a tough initial prognosis.

You'll lock away any past bad habits, refresh your desire to go out and eat the world up, and you'll offer some good advice (but keep in mind that people might not always ask for them).