The Cancer sign surrounded by stars

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, December 19, 2020: You'll develop your most personal projects

You'll manage to send a positive spirit over to your partner


Cancer, today you'll find your much-needed peace. Your family's responding well to your ideas, and they're helping out to make you feel better about yourself, and prouder of who and how you are.

You'll manage to send that positive spirit over to your partner, who will be less critical. Besides, they've got a great deal of passion that could unleash at any given time. By nightfall, they might even suggest some adult games you'd never thought of.

Leisure will open a nice path if you're single. You'll manage to meet people with similar tastes to yours, and it'll be simple to start an interesting conversation.

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As the weekend kicks in, you'll find time to develop projects you consider of vital importance to you. These are things you're doing not just to make money, but to feel like you're growing emotionally as well. You want to leave a legacy behind in the world.

Of course, there are unexpected obstacles coming on (some of them will delay your achievements), but your efforts and patience will be simultaneously tested.

It's crucial that you protect your intellectual property at all costs; there are people out there who want to see you down and are ready to steal away your ideas, thoughts, concerns... and even your desire to hold on and fight for your dreams!


Make sure your hands and nails are healthy. The Horoscope wouldn't like you to go to a salon and get them painted, and instead, keep them away from aggressive agents (such as excessive moisture, for instance).

Try to use gloves more often to protect those aggressions, especially if you work in a kitchen, garden shop or any other field of expertise where hands take a major role.

In any other news, Saturday will be just fine, and sleeping will help you take the stress away.

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