Cancer Monday on a night sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, April 19, 2021: You'll grow interested in people older than you

Your love life environment will fill you up with bliss and joy


Cancer, your love life environment will fill you up with bliss and joy.  You'll be delighted with the magical twist on some events related to your relationship status. Without conforming to anything, everything will feel okay, and you'll feel it easy to enjoy love.

You'll be able to share that optimistic attitude with anyone near you. You'll appreciate any moment of intimacy with your partner and rejoice in the small things.

You won't run out of excuses to smile around if you're single. You'll grow quite interested in people who are older than you. You feel attracted to their wisdom, and you think they could give you the protection you feel you're missing out on.


You're a great employee,  so today you'll earn the applause and praise of many, especially if you work in public service. You'll manage to keep any possible excess arrogance in check, and you'll keep up a good toolset to increase your professional or public reputation.

If you're looking for work, there'll be plenty of luck for you. Go back and knock upon the doors of those who said there was nothing open for you. There's an adage, and quite a wise one at that, that says that if you can dream it, you can do it.

As far as personal finances go, there's not much of a surprise. You know that the week can feel endless, and that's why you'll measure yourself to the extreme.


Be very cautious with doctor's orders,  and don't do anything you've been forbidden to if you want to improve your health. In the same way, don't abuse medications or follow your own criteria or pointers when taking them.

Composure will be a great ally for you today, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to stay away from great cities, always full of noise and pollution, to escape to a natural landscape somewhere so that you can work on your spiritual side.

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