Cancer Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, November 18, 2020: You'll escape your dark spiral if you're decisive

You know that there's a solution for virtually everything


Cancer, your skies might look grey when you wake up, but your sense of humour and inner charisma will help you shake the sorrow away and become a person able to deal with any backlash. You know that there's a solution for virtually everything in life; all you need to do is find it.

Just keep your mood going high, and not only when things go well; you'll have to stay upbeat if there's a crisis point in your relationship. If you're determined to escape that dark spiral, you'll do it. Have you thought about marital counseling?

If you're single, you should keep the fear of boredom under control. Perhaps it's time to stop going here and there with dates and think about where you'll settle down. Your heart will have the answer to every question looming your mind when you go to bed.

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To increase your chances of doing business and earning money, you need to be constantly trained and informed.  No matter what your field of expertise is, you should move around so that you stop any young, hungry people ready to take what isn't theirs.

The better professional skills you've got, the more chances you'll find around you to unfold your wings and fly into new heights. Your name might ring a bell in the managers' ears in the next promotion round.

Some of you will spend Wednesday enjoying the relative sense of stability around you. You'll get good news if you've invested your money in financial products.

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It's terrible to keep up bad hygiene routines, both lacking and in excess. Some of you will get obsessed with cleaning (perhaps influenced by mass media) and could become intoxicated with a chemical or two.

In any other news, you're in for a harmonious, happy day. There won't be nasty slips, nor will there be an intense pain hammering your head. Still, try to leave your eccentric side at home, it isn't worth keeping around.