Cancer Thursday on a sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, March 18, 2021: Break your tough shell and be more vulnerable

Try hard and be more vocal about what worries you


Cancer, communication in love is at its lowest point,  so you'll have to try hard and be more vocal about what worries you. Sometimes you're scared (or maybe even ashamed) about showing your more vulnerable side.

Ask your partner whatever you deem appropriate and you might find new sides to their personality. Things which have always been around, but which you'd never fully looked into.

And if you're single, your steps will be strong and firm. You'll no longer dream about a Hollywood romance, and you'll appreciate how grand and beautiful it is to have people around. Even if your heart got shattered into tiny pieces, you'll see you're ready for love.

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You've got great colleagues at work and they'll help you improve some parts of your professional profile where you're lacking knowledge. You're highly open to friendly criticism, because your current goal is to develop strengths through work and make firm steps into the path of success.

Aim to show your most authentic self, and fight for what you know how to do better than others. Leave your personal brand behind as a legacy to the world, and stop copying everyone else.

As far as finances go, you'll feel much more relaxed. People who depend on you will become less dependent, they'll give you some room to breathe and even let you get yourself something nice.


You'll make serious progress in health! Taking good care of yourself for a longer, healthier life is finally bringing in some results.

Luck will be on your side for a little longer, and you might find out about new treatments to improve your chronic illnesses, or that can just help you lead a good-quality lifestyle.

Sport initiatives will be your top feat today, and if you need to compete, victory will be one step closer to you and further away from your rivals.

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