Cancer Thursday on a sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, February 18, 2021: You'll have your head screwed on straight

You'll rule wisely over your feelings


Cancer, there's dark individuals out there who try to snatch your love away  just out of spite; it seems that they're unhappy about people close to them being happy in the first place. Today, you'll see just how toxic can envy get.

Perhaps you would have been much more aggressive against any other attack at a different point in time, and your desire for revenge might have awakened. However, today you'll have your head screwed on straight, you'll rule wisely over your feelings and won't let anyone grind your gears.

It doesn't matter if you're still single or already married; you'll sort out any incoming conflict, you'll side up with peace and quiet, and you won't let anyone question the beauty of life.

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Some money or work-related affairs will compel you to get in touch with foreigners today,  perhaps to settle on new agreements or to refresh those that you had already going on.

Fortunately for you, international transactions will be the ones to give you the best rewards. Your commercial skills will stand out, and you'll be able to create riches with your bare hands.

As the week reaches its halfway point, there will be some significant money transitions indeed, some of which will be unexpected or surprising. You'll feel thankful about having a well-stuffed secret stash just in case anything happens.


Things might not go as well for your health as you thought they would, but don't let yourself go with despair.  Lead a calm and quiet life if you haven't done anything on purpose that could harm your health, and open a door to bliss.

In order to make it easier to be mentally healthy, try to tidy up your bedroom, clothes, and just make sure everything's in place. Keeping chaos all around you creates a sense of anxiety that you might not see in the first place.