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Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, April 18, 2021: Express your point of view openly more often

You'll be lucky enough to experience the bliss of a new relationship


Cancer, you're moving on from your latest hardships.  If a partner left your life, it's because you weren't going to achieve happiness by their side. Besides, it also means that you'll be lucky enough to experience the bliss of a new relationship, and that always gets you hopeful.

As far as married couples go, you should try things together, and make it so that you both try something new in any way: a trip somewhere, trying out a new sport, going on an art workshop... It'll strengthen your bond.

Some of you were so angry yesterday that you decided to end your love story, and today you'll live to regret it and take a step back. Some of you, therefore, will ask your exes for a second chance.


You should express your point of view openly more often around work so that everyone knows where you're standing and what you're aiming for. In the same way, don't hesitate to ask around about what you don't know, because you can never stop learning.

Your financial focus could go off-track if you speed too much. Don't let that project that promised to improve your earnings become a disappointment. Take it slow but steady.

You'll be particularly lucky if you work on second-hand item buying and selling, because today you'll be able to purchase or sell quite interesting pieces.


When you eat, you need to remember the activities you usually carry out. If you go to the gym, ask your coach about the meals you should have in accordance to your activity.

You're so ready to do things that break the mold, although you're also scared of injuries or illnesses. You've got to find a middle ground.

If you've had stomachaches, you might experience an improvement in your condition, especially if you're testing out new treatments.

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