Cancer Horoscope Thursday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, September 17, 2020: Give things their rightful importance

You'll feel like passion is starting to take the wheel


Cancer, you won't be asking life for much because you're highly aware of what you've got, and you know that it's priceless. Your personal satisfaction will skyrocket, and you'll give yourself a nice pat on the back for the good (and slightly bold) decisions you've made lately.

If you're married, you'll feel like passion is starting to take the wheel, and at some homes there'll be the desire for a new baby that fills the bedroom with laughter and precious memories.

If you're still single you'll feel free as a bird; dodging other people's opinions and doing whatever you want every waking hour will be your only law. Cupid will make you lose your mind a little, because you'll feel attracted to people whose difference in age with you is pretty serious.

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You see that the month is on its second and final fortnight, and if you want September to give you some good profits, you'll have to work to the bone.  Days keep slipping through your fingers, and you usually put off for the next day the goals that should have been done yesterday.

Learn to give things their rightful importance; no more, no less. How many times did you try to improve a situation that wasn't doing too poorly, but about which you just didn't feel too good?

As far as your personal banking goes, at least you can say you're safe; there's no doubts rendering you sleepless at the moment.

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You'll enjoy some good energy levels. The stars will help you stay in shape and any sport you do today will give you good results.

You keep thinking about family and friends, and how to make their life a pleasant experience. You'll keep talking about promises (some easy to do, some others not so much).

Maybe your biggest issue is that you love to sit at a table with a fork and spoon in hand. Watch your appetite, because sometimes you eat too much; not because you really want or need it, but because you enjoy it.