Cancer Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, October 17, 2020: Romance is happening everywhere

You'll realise that your latest efforts were worth it


Cancer, you'll want to steal every single heart around you. Your seduction power will skyrocket, and you'll try to collect a series of lovers in your romantic CV.

If you're single, there'll be adventure and romance happening everywhere, but there could be scattered victims along the way. People to whom you promised the Moon, but whose calls you won't pick up, because your interest left as quick as it came in the first place.

That desire to conquer will be harmful if you're already in a relationship. Your partner's jealousy will awaken, and they won't like it if you're interested in someone that isn't them. You know that playing with fire can get you burnt.

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In order to keep a good paycheck, you need to invest some training time. Today you'll realize that your latest efforts were worth it and you can pick up some rewards, but you can't lower down your guard or get comfortable.

You'll get news on a business trip or some project that you've become involved with. Whatever contracts are signed abroad will be the most profitable for your career.

Take advantage of the chances provided by life, play around with your schedule to make room for appointments, and try to accept as many proposals as you can. Life's opening doors and windows for you, and that's partly because of your people skills.

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You'll be overflowing with energy today,  although you could also be more sensitive if a headache hits. Therefore, you should avoid places which are wildly acoustically polluted, because noise doesn't help at all.

You're extremely receptive to alternative medicine methods and natural remedies (which are often cheaper than many medications). But if you're currently under a medical treatment assigned by your doctor, don't give it up!