Cancer Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, November 17, 2020: You'll find your way after getting lost

It'll get easier than usual to get away from all your worries


Cancer, you're set on leaving issues behind and dropping them at the door. When coming in, there's no way that work issues or any other concerns you might have will destroy your peace at home. It'll get easier than usual to get away from all your worries.

Your other half will be highly receptive to new proposals; they'll also have additional patience and a powerful sense of indulgence. You'll try to soothe down your flaws in place, and if you can find a moment to create a romantic evening, go for it!

Your sense of humour will be a bit off-balance if you're single. Watch your manners if you're going on dates or trying to woo someone who comes onto your path, because you could be too harsh for comfort.

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Your mental clarity will be lightning fast,  and you'll have a special talent at finding your own way if you had gotten a little too lost as a consequence of your surrounding circumstances.

You'll have nice gestures with your colleagues at the office, and some of you will even try to help friends or family who are going through a hard stage.

Don't let all of this scatter away your mental focus; in fact, you should pay close attention to your belongings, because you could experience memory blurs today, and forget your wallet or computer bag in the underground.

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You can take a break from your diet.  Eat some sweets, fatty meat or whatever you really want. But keep in mind that it should be a one-time leniency pass, because you can't fall prey to temptation day after day.

From tomorrow on, you'll have to make extra efforts to compensate excess, and there won't be any excuses to give.