Cancer Wednesday on a sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, March 17, 2021: Try to go to bed at a sensible time

Today's a good day to ask for favours connected to work


Cancer, you'll be pretty sensitive and insecure when it comes to love. You won't understand why your partner has certain friends. Jealousy's knocking on your door and opening it up for past ghosts that you thought had vanished into oblivion.

These might just be some people that you dislike greatly, who are leading your partner into a dark side you'd rather not explore. Without reaching the point of forbidding your partner from meeting certain people according to your own personal preferences, try talking to them and have them understand your attitude.

And if you're still free and unattached, you'll collect plenty of dates under your belt, perhaps because your self-esteem has taken a drop, and that can make you forget about it.

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Under an overall scope, today's a good day to ask for favours connected to work.

You won't feel bad about asking friends or family to recommend you for a specific position, and try their bit at what is colloquially known as pulling strings.

In the same way, you'll be mentally quick enough to knock upon the door of a Human Resources department if you're looking for a job. Your sixth sense will bring you into the most successful of outcomes.

And something extremely important to remember: make note of who helps you out, because you might have to return the favour at some point in time.


You're sleeping less and less every night, perhaps because you spend too many hours watching TV on stream, or using your phone to play games or leave comments on social media.

Sleeping poorly is closely linked to a higher risk for obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and all sorts of accidents, so this isn't just a tiny stone in the road.

It wouldn't be too bad an idea that, right when you're going to bed (at a sensible, decent time, of course), you had some lime tea to help you go to sleep.

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