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Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, January 17, 2021: Be more spontaneous and talkative

The key to succeed will be to stay open to improvisation


Cancer, the sun's giving you its best rays to fully enlighten your love life.  Your week will end at a peaceful note, with good romantic and family relationships (and some extra fun if you're still single and ready to mingle).

The key to succeed will be to stay open to improvisation. You're learning to let yourself go with your environment; break ties with scheduling, and don't plan your day ahead by specifing which places you'll visit or who you'll be meeting. Be more spontaneous and talkative.

This is one of those days when you're easily wooed over by conversation; the most interesting person will turn out to be the one with the juiciest conversation.

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Get your sleeves up and do some work,  stop being so lazy! Sometimes you let the most recent recruits be the ones to rescue you when you're in trouble. Those who seem less experienced have quite a strong stance, so you've been warned.

In fact, they could make you look quite bad, either because they know more and are more skilled than you are, or because their training is more updated than your own. That's why you should tie down that arrogance of yours.

Be more rigorous about your home budgets if you don't want to lose all the earnings you've made thus far little by little.


Your sex life is tightly bound to love,  but to health as well. Having intimate relations helps you feel more alive, and perhaps more youthful too. Whenever you shed passion, you feel you're eating the world up and easily taking it by storm.

Work on your intimate life, but always find ways to protect yourself. Avoid unwanted pregnancies and protect yourself from STDs as well.

That back pain you've been coping with lately could be linked to excess weight. Maybe it's time to drop some pounds?

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