Cancer Wednesday on a sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, February 17, 2021: You'll manage to reach your goals

There's calm and harmony coming to the family


Cancer, ghosts of the past are calling  upon your door to haunt you once again. A reunion with a past romantic partner will give you more headaches than you expected it would. That person is compelled to come back to you by dark interests, so don't believe whatever they say.

The simplest thing is for you to end all contact with them and part ways once and for all, without ever crossing paths in the future again. They aren't bringing anything good to your life.

On the other hand, there's calm and harmony coming to the family. If you've got to make a choice or sort out a tense situation related to your kids, don't act upon your own accord, and check it with your partner first. They might have good advice for you.

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You'll continue to enjoy some luck around work. You won't be as absent-minded as other times and you'll see issues before any of your most direct competitors do.

In the same way, you're able to make difficult decisions, especially when having to coordinate a large group of people. It'll be hard for you to find the best choice, but your sixth sense will lead you into success.

Besides, this Wednesday you'll spend money wisely, you'll have tight numbers and you'll stretch out every penny to the max. With just a little you'll be able to cover the most basic needs of your household.


It's time to be serious  if you're following a sports routine or a diet plan; you're getting great results, so it isn't the time nor the place to throw in the towel. You can do it!

It's important that you avoid thinking about losing weight or gaining body mass as something purely physical or aesthetic; always keep health in mind first, and do things because you feel like doing them, not thinking of anyone else.

You'll manage to reach your goals with a firm grip, and you'll be surrounded by good friends who will have a positive impact on you, both physically and mentally.