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Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, December 17, 2020: A close watch on your own intimacy

You could be in close touch with several people


Cancer, Christmas isn't here yet and you're already kind of over these days. You'd like the love that everyone shows right now to hold on throughout the whole year.

You'll keep a close watch on your own intimacy as well as your family's; thus, whatever dirty laundry there is will be dealt with at home. You don't want certain complex issues from your life to fly around the ears and mouths of bored-out gossips.

If you're single, you'll feel like your romantic compass has broken down. You could be in close touch with several people, but no one will seem particularly interesting.

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Your generosity could play tricks on you,  since you might be revealing some of your best trips to excessively ambitious individuals who could steal away what belongs to you at a certain point.

But remember that not everyone has your principles, morals and goodwill. So watch your own interests and let each person carry their own weight. What's more, double your efforts to showcase your talents, and fight for a promotion or a bonus.

You've become excessively cold-hearted with your budgeting, however; you want to carry out a fastidiously detailed check of how much you spend or not, and in the end you'll become overwhelmed.


You're starting to name health issues  straight out, with no frills or euphemisms; if you're going through a complex illness, you'll want it to become more visible and have open discussions about it. You're tired of pretending everything's always okay, when there's more going on inside.

In the same way, you'll break ties with some of the superstitions that stopped you from enjoying life to the fullest. You were dead set on the fact that, just because you did certain things or said specific words you would summon bad luck omens. Those of you who are more seasoned might experience hunger irregularities.

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