Cancer Horoscope Friday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, October 16, 2020: Admit that you've got limitations

There's no need to suffer once again


Cancer, someone new is coming into your life  ready to take everything by storm as if they were a hurricane. Or at least, you'll be getting loud signs of what's coming on.

Your experience has already proven that love in real life isn't what you see in fairytales, except for one thing: in order to love whomever you want, you need to run away from witches, dragons, and other monstrous creatures that are trying to make your love story come to a miserable end.

Don't allow your troubled past destroy your present. You'll need to lock down hard the doors of yesterday so that tomorrow becomes a promising experience. Besides, there's no need to suffer once again about something that's already past history.

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Venus has a serious presence around work, and it will arise certain passions and wishes inside you. You'll be highly ambitious and won't let anyone interfere with your goals, very similar to what's going on in your love life for the day.

Be very fastidious about your expenses. You'll have to pull yourself back from running into a shopping spree... And yet, you feel so satisfied with that materialistic flair!

At least, you'll enjoy yourself when the end of the month comes around (in around 15 days), and you'll see that there's still a fair amount of savings in the bank, which will be useful the day you need to patch up.

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Ask for an appointment with your doctor if you haven't had a check-up in a good while. These things are never a bad idea, because you know that prevention is so much better than the cure.

Focus on keeping proper physical balance. Learn to own up to your limitations, work on good morals and have a breather of fresh air every now and then. Locking yourself up at home isn't the best for your body or for your mind.