Cancer Horoscope Monday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, November 16, 2020: You're close to becoming a role model

You'll think long and hard about your situation


Cancer, Monday will get complicated  for you, because many of your inner demons will show up precisely because you don't have a travel partner yet.

You'll think long and hard about your situation, and will consider grabbing the next best thing, perhaps to brag online that you're happy with your partner, or to avoid being the third wheel who's stuck on their own in your group of friends.

As far as couples go, you'll see that one of your friends is making some sly moves on your partner. You'll need to defend what's yours, but discreetly, by reading the situation from afar and only taking steps when necessary.

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You'll find great resources to top off your career.  Someone will hand over to you the key to the doors of success, and even though it might seem hard to handle at first, you'll get wherever and whatever you want if your attitude is right.

Some of you will enjoy a flattering advancing move in your projects, and will be taking on leadership duties that you initially thought you wouldn't ever see. You could even somehow become a celebrity, a role model that will span across time.

If you're facing exams, you'll have an extra lucky touch, especially if the exam is spoken.

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In order to get rid of foul thoughts flooding your mind, how about lying down in a natural landscape and looking into the sky? The clouds will relax you and soothe you, and will bring fresh energies over into your soul.

Besides, you'll help your eyesight relax, because you've mistreated it long enough by staring endlessly into the phone and computer screens.

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