Cancer Tuesday on a sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, March 16, 2021: Show how confident you are around love

Sit down with your partner and point out their virtues


Cancer, your love section is starting to evolve,  and today you won't hesitate to sit down with your partner and point out their virtues. You can feel that they need a push in a positive direction, they need you to help them feel good.

Are things complicated at home? Then, it might be necessary for you to prove your confidence, because shared projects are the first step to a brilliant future. All you need to do is keep rowing forward together.

And if you're single, you'll communicate with plenty of energy; it could be said that you're kind of out of control, but you don't feel the need to stop in your tracks. Here's some advice, though: don't keep up several daters at once, because you'll end up getting lost.

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At work, the lack of empathy from some colleagues that you get pretty well on with will make you get mad. It looks like getting into your shoes isn't the trend at the moment, and you won't be able to make anyone understand your issues or needs.

As far as finances go, the stars tell that there'll be a short delay in some money you were hoping to get, and as a consequence, there could be a series of unfortunate events coming right after.

Perhaps you were counting on that money to carry out certain payments, or just to get yourself something nice. Thus, your plans won't come to fruition for the time being.


There's nothing specific to point out in your health section (negatively speaking, of course). In fact, many of you will improve if you've had an incident connected to physical activity. It would be perfect if you joined a new sport or social club, and to create new personal bonds.

You know there's certain areas you could improve in your life. Take some time to think about your future projects, and the years you've got ahead of you.

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