Cancer Horoscope Thursday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, July 16, 2020: Your cheeky side's coming out

You'll want the universe to see the most authentic version of yourself


You're working to become a better person, a more dignified and affectionate Cancer. How many times have you locked away your heart out of fear, because your most basic insecurities led you to do so? This Thursday, you'll see new paths opening up before you, and you'll choose the most emotionally rewarding one.

You'll want the universe to see the most authentic version of yourself, you're setting the firm goal of putting away whatever masks make you an average individual in the crowd; you'll learn how to boost the things that make you unique or different, however you want to call it.

Besides, your cheekier side will come out; if you're single, you'll find a way to be the star of the day, the child at a baptism and the deceased at a funeral. A good sense of humour will be your trademark.

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The stars will be pretty generous with your love life, but unfortunately, as far as work goes, they'll be slightly more restrictive. But remember that if you haven't got luck on your side, you'll have to become your own star of hope to light your way in the dark.

This Thursday, you could get involved in arguments wtih your colleagues in regards to topics such as scheduling or days off; you feel like you're always the loser in these circumstances, and you'll feel kind of jealous.

There'll be better news for those of you trying to sell an old home, or awaiting news on a family inheritance.


This week, your schedule's all filled up with events, and this Thursday might be your busiest day. With all those meetings, lunches with clients or all sorts of parties you'll eat more (and worse) than your body needs. And that's without mentioning drinks or alcohol.

Have you recently gone through an illness and only feel well enough to just walk by? Then you should go see your doctor and have them examine you. You might have fallen into relapse.