Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, February 16, 2021: Your romantic mindset stays open

You want to get yourself something nice


Cancer, you want to get yourself something nice,  because you deserve it: to be able to live a Tuesday filled with harmony and bliss. You'll be aware that every day is a unique experience, that time flies by, and that you shouldn't put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

You'll be all in for a warm and sweet romantic relationship with beautiful details. As far as marriages go, your mindset remains open, and your partner will use their best tools to make you happy (but also keeping their feet on the ground at all times).

If you're single, you should stop crossing off alone days on the calendar. Why not ask a friend to set you up on a blind date?

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Today you might see unexpected advantages  coming your way at work, and you could achieve certain things that you've dreamt of for a while, whether it eventually improves your business or schedule.

The risk of looking at deals and promotional items through a catalogue (or a website, or even a phone app) is that you might end up taking the bait. Don't go placing expensive carrots near your face if you want to avoid munching on them like a donkey.


You usually connect having dinner with friends or your partner at a restaurant to skipping your diet and filling up.  And that's where you're wrong!

You can try out some diet tweaks, like eating a few carrots or an apple before you leave the house. That way, you won't dive headfirst into the dishes that are set in front of you.

Also, avoid having soft drinks as much as you can, and keep your alcohol intake moderate.

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