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Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, December 16, 2020: Time to plan a quick getaway!

Your other half will feel thankful about your good intentions


Cancer, you're making great efforts to make your relationship work like a well-oiled machine; your other half will feel thankful about your good intentions. They'll overlook some of your recent mistakes (which you didn't know they knew about).

If you're leading a life of your own, the person you're after could get a little clumsy today, saying things you consider untimely, or asking too much for what you're willing to answer.

Since the stars have warned you about their lack of tact, don't become to rigorous and forgive those mistakes. You make mistakes of that kind quite often. If you don't like what the situation's like right now, it might be a good day to plan a quick getaway.

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There's several budget cuts coming to work,  so it's time for you to prove you're essential for the company to work well. Only then will you save yourself from impending demise.

You have some quite expensive hobbies, and by doing them every once in a while you aren't seeing how much money you're spending. Now that the year is coming to an end, bring up the calculator and think about your hobbies and leisure items long and hard. Are they really worth the while and work?

You're still on time to make a goal of change before the new year kicks in, and the rest of your budgets will thank you for that.


Taking on new professional projects isn't good just for your finances, but your health as well.  Did you know that people who make their own living keep more dopamine inside their body, which is the neurotransmitter of pleasure?

The day will fly by quite fast, and you'll be so busy with professional and family duty, you'll forget any trace of pain or ailment you've experienced over the last few days.

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