Cancer Horoscope Sunday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, August 16, 2020: Your dialectics will win everyone over

Venus will come and play into your life if you're single


Cancer, your dialectics will be your best ally when it comes to seduction. Words can have a powerful erotic load, and you'll know how to play around with them. You'll be kings and queens of double meanings, indirect messages and promises of love.

Venus will come and play into your life if you're single. A casual conversation with someone you find extremely attractive will transform into an unexpected sensual word exchange. Leave prejudice behind and enjoy what life sets onto your path. Unleash your inner desires and let them take the wheel because you deserve it.

You won't do good with short-lived romance if you're currently taken. Whatever you do behind closed doors will end up coming out sooner or later.

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As far as work goes, you'll have to dodge incoming air knives that your most jealous colleagues want to throw at your face. People who are less able and less talented than you will try to make your Sunday a living nightmare.

Don't let your nerves take over, and as soon as you see attitudes that should not be tolerated whatsoever, let your managers know about it.

No matter how much poison floats around you, you should never allow it to taint your bubbly, happy self and performance. Don't give that to them to enjoy, because they don't deserve it!

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Sports should become a crucial element to your daily activities; you're perfectly acquainted with the theory, so this Sunday it's high time to take that knowledge into practice.

You should think that the more you care for yourself, the longer you'll be able to enjoy the gorgeous gift of life, with better quality at that.

Remember to check if you've got any appointments coming, now that a new week is coming in.

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