Cancer Friday on a sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, April 16, 2021: Your spiritual side will be heightened

Not every day can be a roller coaster of intense emotions


Cancer, today your desire to love is volatile.  You'll find it hard to communicate with new people because you refuse to leave your comfort zone behind. In that sense, if you're single, you'll prefer to give your ex a second chance, rather than seeing brand new worlds out there.

As far as married couples go, there'll be a routine that you won't dislike too much. You know not every day can be a roller coaster of intense emotions. Stability is also a delicious, interesting affair.

You'll have to take a firmer grip with your kids or anyone else under your watch. They're not willing to do things according to plan.


You'll be kind of extra clumsy today  when having to deal with computers and operating systems. Today, your strongest assets will be affairs connected to humanities, philosophy and languages.

In any other news, today will be a pretty calm day, and there won't be too many people willing to grind your gears with comments no one asked for, or suggestions more focused on bringing you down than propping you up.

As far as money is concerned, it'll feel a bit too hot on your hands, and you'll be aimed at shopping for clothes and fashion. It could be said your inner fashionista will come out and play today.


Keep your mouth fully clean today!  The stars predict you might experience bad breath. Chewing on fresh mint leaves might be a good choice to fight this nasty issue back.

You'll fully enjoy conversations revolving around meditation, yoga, personal growth and spirituality. You'll have a special connection with that kind of energy we all have around us in life, but which you can't see under the naked eye.

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