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Cancer Daily Horoscope for Sunday, May 15, 2022

Cancer, if you don't move, you'll be dragged away


Cancer, your Horoscope for today wants you to read in between the lines. That's what happens when we want to transmit what we don't want to say out loud clearly.

There could be those around you who want you to do that to communicate, to measure your reactions and find out if you'll respond. Or perhaps you're who's doing that to them, even if unnoticingly. You'll need to learn to decode all this information.


The Daily Horoscope encourages you to be more optimistic about your purchase. You bought a device from a very popular brand and a great reputation among the public years ago.

You got really frustrated, because it turned out to be a fluke and the return process went on and on forever.

However, now you've seen a new bargain, and you don't know whether you can trust it. During the last few years new technologies have improved a lot. This time will be a good decision for your time and budget.


Your Horoscope wants you to go straight ahead into applying for that tempting job opening you got on your e-mail.

The quality of your previous training deserves that company, so don't hesitate any longer, because many are interested to go and try. Right now you're among the highest ranking candidates, but the longer time you let slide, the more competition you'll find. Offer yourself up for the position, the Stars will give you the lucky push you need.


The Daily Horoscope states that keeping up healthy habits is also part of mental self-care. Did you know that?

Whenever you possibly can,  have dinner before the sun's down and set.  This means you should dine around 7 in winter and 8 in summer. Under no circumstance should you wait until 10.

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