Cancer Monday on a sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, March 15, 2021: Avoid making comparisons too often

You'll have a fresh and brand-new communicative talent


Cancer, Venus will provide you with a fresh and brand-new communicative talent,  filled with sweetness and innocence. In the same way, you'll also have lots of affection towards your partner (or the person you like so much, but who hasn't heard the three magical words from you yet).

There's plenty of bliss to expect from this Monday, and overall, your schedule will have some surprises and hopes that will awaken the happy side in you.

However, some of you won't be able to escape the grip of jealousy. Your mind's flying faster than your heart is, and you won't see some of your partner's moves too positively, even though there's no malice involved.

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There'll be a lack of chemistry with work colleagues, and the conflicts that needed to be sorted out will still be there, because none of you wants to move on. You're taking a wild and wrong turn as a team.

Envy will have too much of a central role this Monday, because you'll want to follow and copy the lifestyle of other people. Our society has consumerism deeply ingrained into it, and we usually enjoy boasting about things on social media much more than enjoying those things themselves.

Avoid purchasing tickets for an expensive train that's not too fitting to your reality, and avoid comparisons with neighbors or best friends. There's never anything good after that.


You'll experience temporary nervousness, especially through the first half of the day. That feeling could become positive energy if you change your mindset at the right time.

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