Your Daily Cancer Horoscope for Friday, July 15, 2022

Cancer, you'll be sensitive today, so find a way to escape when needed


Cancer, today you feel the cold in your relationship. You no longer talk until late, and you can't seem to find a way to keep talking openly and happily.

Now you need to ask them about their day, and how they're doing, because words aren't coming through. This is a bad omen, because they could be growing bored. And you'll have to make a final choice: leave now, or hit the speed pedal.

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The Daily Horoscope suggests saving up, and doing it in a vastly unappreciated way: leaving your car home and taking public transport. If you make an effort and start going to work that way, you'll spend less on gas.

It seems silly, but it is a pricey resource at the moment. Also, consider this: going to work by train or bus will give you reading time throughout the day; you do miss it indeed.


Your Horoscope foresees work stress coming, because you keep getting asked for approval from those around you. You've got to pay attention to every move they make, because their fears and insecurities are on the wheel​​​​​.

This situation is starting to get tiresome.  You can't tell them you've got plenty to do and little time,  and you can't always be there to provide approval. Find a way to isolate yourself. That's the only way they will learn, and you'll become more respectable around work too.


The Daily Horoscope sees the mess that the world is: wars, poverty… Current affairs aren't too good, so it'll hurt you to turn the TV on. If you can, you shouldn't enter your social networks today either, because they're a crucial information source too.

Do it so that your day ends sweetly,  instead of feeling bitter and powerless because you can't do enough.