The sign of Cancer with a black starred background

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, January 15, 2021: Find your strengths and weaknesses

You'll be cautious enough to carry an emotional umbrella on you


Cancer, your romantic skies are gorgeous today.  You might see some stormy clouds at a far-off distance, but you'll be cautious enough to carry an emotional umbrella on you so that you don't get drenched in despair.

The day will be pretty predictable, you'll find the stones on the path ahead on time to avoid tripping, and you'll complain less than usual. People around you will be quite thankful for that change in your attitude.

Besides, you're set on the thought that, as soon as the storm clears, the sun will shine just as bright as it used to, and you'll be even more appreciative of the wide range of colours in everyday life. If you're married, you could be a little more creative with your love life, so don't get too comfortable.

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Some black sheep could try to persuade you  into entering a business that looks kind of shady or even dangerous. Don't take any risks by taking the quick and easy road, because whatever might go wrong will go much worse than you think.

If you're spearheading your own business, it's time to find your own strengths and weaknesses; there's probably things you do better than most. All you need to do is find out what they are!

If you go shopping, you could spend too much money. Forget about your card, and don't carry more cash than you can afford. You've still got quite a few days ahead this month, and it's not too wise an idea to waste money away.


Keeping your eyes constantly stuck to your computer or phone screen could cause them to dry up; if you haven't been to the optometrist in a while, think about getting an appointment and make sure you'll get the all-clear from them.

If you work with a computer, take a short break every three hours and look into the skies blinking away.

You'll be highly interested in new cosmetic surgery treatments, and you might think about going under the knife for a minor procedure.

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