Cancer Monday on a sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, February 15, 2021: There'll be a yearning feeling coming on

You'll see that the Sun is still shining bright


Cancer, you'll be ambushed by a yearning feeling  throughout this Monday; you'll walk by a specific park or listen to a song on the radio that will remind you of people who are no longer around, either because they left for a sweeter afterlife, or because they're just no longer around you.

You should be strong, because you can shake this enticing emotion off of you with the right attitude. This isn't a spiral that you'll have a hard time escaping; if you raise your head, you'll see that the Sun is still shining bright.

Try to establish some new conversation patterns with your family, or your partner if you have one; all in all, with the people that love you the most. They've got great news to share, so just try to find the right time to sit down and talk.

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You'll force yourself to stay sharp  as far as your business life is concerned. You'll become fierce, a wolf using all resources around to win and take all trophies home. And if needed, you'll slip into a shade of sheepskin to be left on your own and not seen as a threat. But here's a tip: there's not much life to a lie.

Your day will sour up with a series of taxes, bills and other payments, some of them expected and some of them not so much. You need to set your schedule straight, because you're speeding through life and forgetting some important points there.

To find yourself a job, you should stay wide awake and alert to everything that's going around you. See what other people are doing to make a living and earn their share of bread!


Today's a great day to get started on new medical treatments,  as well as to take your first baby steps into sports that aren't that usual of a choice, such as high jumping or waterpolo. Your reflexes will definitely be behind you.

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