Cancer Thursday on a sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, April 15, 2021: Your day will be crazy, but happy as well

You'll be able to recover from your latest heartbreak episode


Cancer, thanks to the current position of love-boosting Venus, your married atmosphere will get spicy. If your married life is a bed of roses, you'll enjoy a crazy, but happy day.

If you were going through a rut, the Horoscope will give you a brave boost to set the break-up card upon the table. Ending a relationship is never easy, but the sooner you close this chapter, the sooner you'll be able to write a new story in your book of love.

The positive astral arrangements for today will ensure that you're kind of lucky if you're single. You'll be able to recover from your latest heartbreak episode, and you'll bring some much-needed wit into your dates. However, don't let them see your shallow, party side only.


You'll experience a fresh sense of evolution,  a change at work that will allow you to show the real you without fearing making mistakes. You'll need to be patient and persistent if you want to reach success. Some of you will be particularly lucky with abroad business deals.

On the opposite side, arguments with colleagues and arrogance will get you in trouble and maybe even cause others to judge you. Be extremely disciplined, and boost your discretion when you get involved in conflicts.

Venus will show up again to protect you financially; it might even help you earn some unexpected money, and you'll be able to get yourself that thing you've been dreaming of for long.


You'll be at peace with your inner self.  You'll be highly social, although you should be mindful of how much you drink when you hang out with friends. Moderation is key!

Pay attention to your digestive tract and kidneys, because there's something going slightly wrong, although not too dangerously. Your doctor will sort out any issues you've got with simple, easy treatments.

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