Cancer Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, November 14, 2020: You'll have a lot of fun with very little

You might find marital bliss with someone who's already part of your life


Cancer, you're feeling a strain  in your relationship, perhaps as a consequence of spending too many hours together under the same roof, or even because you share a position at work. Thus, you'll choose to try hard to get back the magic and colours that daily fights and arguments hide away in the clouds.

Apply some healing balm on the wounds in your hearts, because they could still heal completely, and the scar could become invisible as time goes by. Take the chance of the weekend, and plan out a romantic dinner or a night at the theatre.

If you're single, you'll want to restore an old flame, a short-lived romance that left a serious mark inside your heart. You might find marital bliss with someone who's already part of your life.

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Your day looks pretty boring career-wise;  it looks like everything has already been set out for you, and you won't get any extraordinary sales going, or sign any contracts that break the pre-set rules of the working game.

Saturday's a day you usually associate with leisure and free time activities, but if you join every single plan that you get, your bank account will freeze in place, unless you try to have fun with little to no money.

Want to read a novel by your favourite author? Get into the library and borrow out a book (and in some libraries, you can even borrow out movies completely for free). Besides, if you take an online dive, you'll be able to find tickets for shows with serious discounts attached to the price tag.

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Sexuality is part of your health and not just your love life. It's okay that you want to bring the fires of passion back into life, but don't go crazy with medications to be kings and queens in bed; if you have the wrong kind of med, the aftermath could be severe.

And while you're at it, be very careful with how you walk, because you'll be prone to slipping or tripping over, especially if you tread across hard-to-cross surfaces.