The sign of Cancer with a purple starred background

Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, March 14, 2021: You're looking for a beautiful soul

Scratch through the surface a little


Cancer, the idea of playing the seduction and romantic conquest game will make you meet some apparently interesting people,  but they'd actually turn out to be too boring if you had to spend your everyday life with them. You'll only need to scratch through the surface a little and see how appearances can fool you.

This Sunday there could also be arguments with your partner. You won't understand why certain changes are taking place; your beloved wants to call attention and take the eyes of everyone around them. Your interests, however, are aiming elsewhere.

You're looking for a beautiful soul and aiming for the deepest feelings.

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You should use whatever free time you've got into cleaning up around the house. Gather together everything you're not using, the books you won't read again, the movies you never watch, and sell them on second-hand markets.

You'll be making room at home while getting some cash in the process. You could also donate it to an association in need, or donate whatever money you get for social projects.

On the other hand, you'll soon get an item that used to belong to someone you admired greatly; you'll understand that sentimental value lies way above everything else. Not everything in life can be bought by adding zeros to a check.


Watch closely who's around you. You'll be the perfect target for energy vampires, dull people who will use your vitality to come on top afloat. It'll be hard to escape those people, especially because they often hide quite well.

Also, protect your dental health, and find some room to go get a check-up at the dentist. Mouth and teeth illnesses are no joke.

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