Cancer Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, July 14, 2020: Forget about fairytales

You can get whatever you want and as far as your heart wants to


At least for now, it looks like you'll be having a quiet Tuesday in love,  and there's also hints of heightened sexuality. You've got a hot glance that will woo the heart of whoever crosses it naturally.

Leave your shyness behind, and if you've been in a relationship for years on end, find new plans to do together that are both spontaneous and beautiful. Everything's possible for you, you can get whatever you want and as far as your heart wants to, Cancer.

Here's some advice for our lonely-hearted natives: setting too high expectations can be counterproductive. Be more appreciative of people around you, and stop thinking you live in a fairytale, and that a faraway prince or princess will lead you into their kingdom.

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Your strong senses will tell you when's the best time to carry out that ambitious project that's been going around in your mind for weeks, and which you haven't told to anyone. You're afraid of getting your ideas stolen, and protecting them is what you should do!

After a serious delay, you'll receive some money you should have gotten before, but don't go crazy or waste it on a whim, whether your own or your family's.

Since the week is just getting started, try not to change your schedule around too much, and remember the goals and success you're after so that no one pushes you off the right path.


Want to look better and love yourself more when you're facing the mirror? Focus part of your self-care on your skin,  so that it goes back to its natural beauty. Use moisturising creams and use good products to clean it off of make-up completely.

You're at a time when sudden changes throw you off-track, you're a big fan of monotony, and a supporter of changes happening slowly and gradually.