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Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, January 14, 2021: Experience will team up with innocence

Plan your day ahead and make the most of your waking hours


Cancer, love will be in the air  and you'll feel it all around you. That's why, if you've recently broken up, you'll try to recompose your relationship and set straight whatever issues separated your heart and that of your partner's.

Of course, there'll be exceptions to this rule: there's some former partners that you're better off pushing away. Why give a second chance to someone whom you know will definitely break your heart again, and maybe into even more pieces this time around?

Intimately speaking, physical agreements will be perfect, especially in between people who have a considerable age gap between them. Experience will make a great team with innocence.

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There's not many things in life that are fair,  and professionally speaking, it could be said that there's even more unfairness lurking around. This Thursday you'll see people making money around you by taking advantage of your efforts or stealing some of your best ideas.

Raise your voice for equity, and don't let yourself be put down in profit shares under the excuse of not looking for trouble. Coward people won't ever change the world. If you can improve some of your current conditions, you can take that as a win.

In order to plan your day ahead and make the most of your waking hours, try not to pay too much attention to your phone or social networks, and get your schedule in order.


If you want to exercise at home, there's no need to go crazy with purchases or get special shoes, dumbbells, an ab bench or anything of that sort; you might be mistaking the thrill of shopping with getting into shape.

You shouldn't experience any health issues today, but be careful with who's around you. You might get surrounded by people who makes you really nervous! Take some time for yourself to rest, have fun and get yourself something nice once in a while.

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