The Cancer sign

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, December 14, 2020: You'll tear down the walls of miscommunication

It is crucial that you're objective and equal without taking any sides


Cancer, you'll have to bring out your inner warrior to tear down the walls that make you and your partner or family miscommunicate. Some of you will have to mediate in conflict brought on by others, and you'll have to be the messengers of peace to end all wars.

In that case, it is crucial that you're objective and equal without taking any sides. With kids, you'll also tackle on an issue you knew was pending, but which hadn't come out under the spotlight just yet.

If you're single, you'll stay the way you've been thus far, and will act more reserved than usual when it's time to meet new people.

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This Monday, you'll get some business proposals with quite interesting numbers for the bank,  but you'll also experience a moral dilemma, because some of them will be a direct hit on your most basic principles.

This will make you know yourself better. How far would you go doing certain things in exchange for money? You'll know your own limits and will come to learn that there's very few people who work doing what makes them truly happy.

Want to get yourself something nice? Do it, but just remember that this is a one-timer, and that you shouldn't waste money just because you've got some.


You've understood that using and abusing new technologies makes you behave more sedentarily, aside from losing focus and ignoring the person talking to you right there and then, because you always end up staring down at your phone.

On the other hand, the stars encourage you to avoid getting obsessed with wrinkles or other small evidence that proves you're aging. Before you ask for an appointment with a surgeon, you should embrace your current age.

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