Cancer Horoscope Friday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, August 14, 2020: You feel unappreciated

Load up on good intentions when having a conversation


Cancer, you'll feel kind of stressed today;  the weekend's preview makes you highly emotional, and you could even lose direction at some point.

You'll have to double your efforts if you're fighting against communication issues with your partner; it's easy to have a great misunderstanding come from any line said out of context. Some of you won't even feel like they're loved or desired at all. You'll have to load up on good intentions when having a conversation.

If you've got kids, don't be too stiff. They might be going through an issue you don't know about; try to have them open up to you, remember how you used to behave at their age, and you'll come to understand more than one issue.

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Today will probably be a rocky day with finances. There'll be vibrations that encourage you to swap jobs and find a more promising future away from your usual environment. You feel unappreciated like you've got great potential that isn't being put to good use.

Before making a false move, be more concerned about your future, do your research and get prepared before taking a plunge into any new direction.

Actually, you need a good strategy; better than your current one, in fact. Try to define more clearly your goals, define which things are at close range, and which are part of a completely unreachable fantasy.

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You'd like to feel more relaxed and calm than ever before, but the stars won't help much today. You'll try to find the most balance you can for your work and family life, but your schedule doesn't have enough time.

It might be good for you to change diets, especially if you usually have lunch at work. Fast food is tasty, but it doesn't help your health at all.

Bring more vegetables into your menu, and perhaps try cooking them differently, so that they're more enticing to eat.