Cancer Wednesday on a sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, April 14, 2021: You're energetic, but not made of steel

You're looking for something deep that isn't based on shallow appearances


Cancer, there's changes coming to your romantic management.  You're looking for something deep that isn't based on shallow appearances. You want to be with someone who sends clear messages, whose actions or expressions don't need to be decyphered like a secret code.

Some of you will see that an old betrayal you made will become relevant once again. You'll have to find your best arguments to defend yourself and explain why you did what you did.

If you're single, you should be in more control of your sex life, always being careful to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.


Pay attention to your assigned work duties,  because your mind is all over the place. Besides, you might fall prey to a minor betrayal from a colleague who's desperate to get to the top through the quickest route possible.

You should manage time more wisely, because your day just flies by as you chat and lose all strength through your words. It's time to do more and talk less.

On the other hand, it seems like a small amount of money will come into your hands by mistake. You know that money isn't yours, and if you know who the real owner is, you should be honest and bring it back.


Your inner energy is quite a factor today,  but you're not made of steel either. Try to be sensible and pay attention to your limbs, because they could get injured if the efforts and moves you make are too wild.

You'll get a chance to eat some foods you love, but which make your stomach upset. Use chamomile tea to help your digestive tract function more smoothly. It'll also be a good idea to go to bed earlier than usual, because there's still a bit of week to go.

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