The Cancer sign surrounded by stars

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, March 13, 2021: You'll fall for the charms of someone new

Get back some of your old hopes


Cancer, you'll fall for the charms of someone new. The desire and attraction you'll feel today will help you get back some of your old hopes,  and you won't be able to describe what's going on inside your chest.

However, your lack of confidence will be your biggest issue. As a single soul, you won't know how to take one step further because you belong to different worlds. Your thoughts, experiences, personal preferences, everything is different... but it could be a complement.

And if you're taken, try to avoid personal duty from sucking out all of your free time to do things together; otherwise, your partner could grow bored of waiting for you to be free, and will leave the house in pursuit of what they want.

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You'll need to manage your allotted time wisely to fulfill very specific goals. This weekend you'll use your elegance and frailty to dodge all difficulties; the truth is, it shouldn't take you long to become successful.

Get up early to organise your schedule in the most productive way possible, arranging priorities and dividing them among urgent tasks, important ones, and those that don't fit either of those groups.

Time management will be crucial if you're a student, because you'll feel more compelled to go out and have fun than sit down at your desk and study.


You'll feel your energy draining out as Saturday progresses, and out of caution and self-care, you'll have to avoid joining in extremely active projects.

To work on some of your inner power, you should carry along with you at all times that item you consider your charm; perhaps it's a family jewel you inherited, or a picture of your youngest child. It'll be the bubble of oxygen that keeps you afloat.

And as far as your diet goes, watch out with foods that have hurtful or annoying remains, such as spiny fish, or meat bones that can easily pierce anything.

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