The sign of Cancer in half a purple circle

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, January 13, 2021: You'll give anyone beside you a smile

Do something crazy that breaks ties with routine and monotony


Cancer, your heart wants you to be lighter  and not take life so seriously. You need to do something crazy that breaks ties with routine and monotony; life has taught you that you shouldn't put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

There's issues linked to your love life that you keep putting off, ranging from confessing your feelings to your beloved all the way to having children. Listen to your soul and follow its instructions to be closer to full bliss.

You're forgetting about past resentment and sorrow, embracing life as it comes, and starting to love yourself, virtues and flaws included (the latter of which you keep trying to hide behind a dark cloak). You'll create substantial change, and will help bring a smile to the face of the person beside you.

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You're feeling a bit uncomfortable around work.  You feel like you've got more work to do than everyone else, or that your managers or colleagues aren't up to par. But fortunately for you, your family and friends will support you as much as you need.

Get your analytical skills going on, design strategies to reach the end of the road through alternative paths. Some will be a bit longer, but completely satisfying.

And while you're at it, try to be more critical and competitive. Improve your weaknesses. You know where your Achilles' heel is, so keep getting extra training.


You need more quality when going to sleep. On the one hand, you should consider swapping your mattress by another that fits your needs better. On the other, turn off your phone from time to time and leave worries outside of your mind.

You keep trying to find problems where there are none; life is a beautiful gift, and enjoying it can be simple enough if you set your mind onto it. If you're dieting, you should be a bit more patient to get the results you want.

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