The sign of Cancer with a purple starred background

Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, December 13, 2020: Fun and games are coming your way

You'll have an extremely favourable environment for married life


Cancer, it's all fine and dandy to enjoy Christmas,  but don't think that just because carols are ringing and there's a smell of chocolate in the air it means that your relationship issues will get sorted out on their own. You need to move on from partying and focus on what really matters: your heart.

You'll have an extremely favourable environment for married life, with stars gently watching every single move you make. You'll be kings and queens at handling love, you'll control every register and degree of intensity, and if you shake your shame away, you'll experience new feelings with your partner.

On the other hand, today's a good day to meet people, especially if you're single. You'll be more attracted than usual to people from other races and cultures. Fun and games are coming your way.

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You'll feel tempted to get risky with money. You've been promised to eventually find great profits, but you'll have to pry your luck into it.

And the truth is, Lady Luck won't be on your side, so it's all up to you. You're better off informing yourself about pyramid schemes just in case.

Don't miscalculate, and avoid leaving open ends to the hands of fate. Remember that the best way to make a living is to sweat your brow.


You've got a delicate respiratory system trying to work,  and you could experience one of those energy-draining stuffy noses. In that case, taking steam puffs with lemon balm tea is highly beneficial due to its soothing properties, as well as quite cheap.

Otherwise, your day will be just fine. Use whatever peace corners you can find at home to bring out your hobbies and your most artistic, creative side.

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