Cancer Horoscope Thursday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, August 13, 2020: Don't let people fool you

You'll feel entitled to play the dating game with anyone in your path


You won't feel too embarrassed about anything today, Cancer; shame wasn't meant for you.  If you're single, you'll feel free as a bird, entitled to play the dating game with anyone who comes into your path.

So much so, that you could end up flirting with a married person, a game where you could be the only sore loser. Be cautious and don't let your words run quicker than your own heart.

If you're in a relationship, you think you deserve a bit more freedom, and you're analysing how worth it would be to risk cheating on your partner. You're handling an extremely dangerous bomb, and if you're not fully acquainted with how it works, it could blow up right on your face. Any form of discretion won't be enough then.

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You're slipping into a suit made out of respect and dignity as far as work goes. Your attitude to work will be perfect,  and you'll be a shining example for some unmotivated colleagues. This Thursday, you'll be able to clear off some shady situations on the way you work, so that no one's doubtful ever again.

Some of you will be aware that other colleagues are performing badly in the company. In that case, don't become their accomplice or help them out, because sooner or later you'll be put in the same category. Don't be taken for a fool!

Today's the best day of the week to make some deals in the arts. You could meet someone who's interested in sponsoring your creations and ideas. Don't let that train go by when it stops before you.

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You can get enough quality sleep, but remember that sleeping too much isn't good either for your body.

To get away from duties and responsibilities, turn off your phone when you get home, and watch closely the amount of coffee and exciting substances you take.