Cancer Horoscope Monday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, October 12, 2020: Lower down your self-expectations

There's no absolute truth when it comes to love


Cancer, love stories vary depending on the standpoint  of the person who loves, and the person who's being loved. There's no absolute truth when it comes to love. In some homes, the way living together is perceived will be a hot topic, because one person will feel real bad about what the other one finds completely normal.

You won't come to an agreement in several important issues, possibly in relation to the kids' education or studies, or how time is divided between family and work.

Thus, you'll need to have long yet calm conversations this Monday, and you'll have to multiply your efforts to try and get into the other person's shoes.

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You're starting to dream about trips and having a nice holiday getaway that will allow you to break ties with your routine and unplug from stressful duties. The problem is, your wishes don't necessarily match your budget.

Don't turn down your ideas too quickly! Instead, think about how you can stretch that money out, and get yourself a nice holiday with sensibility in the mix.

It's really hard for you to make the money you do to go throwing it around, especially if you've been compelled to travel by an ad.

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You need to battle your addictions harder.  And this isn't just about smoking or drinking! How hard is it for you to live life without peeking into your social networks or keeping your phone close?

You need a bond-free life. Fight for your real freedom and independence, and while you're at it, lower down your self-expectations.

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