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Cancer Horoscope - Friday, March 12, 2021: Aiming for romantic stability at all costs

You shouldn't miss opportunities of playing the seduction game


Cancer, you're aiming for romantic stability  more than anything else, but some stars encourage you to take a particularly investigative attitude towards your partner. You'll ask them too many questions, control their moves, make them upset and puzzled about your change in behaviour.

Your wish of having a strong and sturdy love story isn't coming true at its best. If you can still afford to do that, take things down a notch.

You shouldn't miss opportunities of playing the seduction game. Take advantage of the weekend coming in if you're single, because perhaps the soulmate you've heard so much about is one of the people walking by in the streets.

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A work-related conflict will turn the day upside down.  The person with whom you recently clashed is coming back for round two of your particular conflict.

Misunderstandings do happen indeed, especially in a professional environment. You've got to try to understand that resentment is never good, and it's even worse when there's business involved.

As far as money goes, you're also a bit puzzled. You don't know how much of an investment you can make into leisure and free time, even though your intention was to fill the weekend up with fun activities.

Perhaps it might be a good time to start saving up here and there, and put off for later whatever adventures you want to experience.


You're bidding farewell to the headaches that have been haunting you over the course of the last few days, and your ability to recover from any illnesses will show up in your skies.

Mass media are discussing hygiene issues widely, and how beneficial it is to wash your hands often. But don't wash your face too much, because every rinse gets rid of the oily film protecting and nourishing the skin. Stay moderate.

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