Cancer Horoscope Friday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, 12 June, 2020: Place your bets on sustainable consumption

You'll have a boost of positive energy when it comes to love

There is a motto in astrology that says, "Universal judgement overrides individual judgement". In these agitated days when the world is uniting to fight the pandemic, read our prediction carefully but always be aware of the indications of the authorities.


You'll have a boost of positive energy when it comes to love. It'll all unfold real nice, and the only arguments couples will experience will be related to financial issues. In order to avoid clashing, try not to discuss money and watch the tone you use so that it doesn't sound like you're nagging the other person.

In other marriages, there'll be an excess in the workload that won't allow you to have as much time together as you'd like. You'll have to make better use of time to spend some intimate moments with your partner.

If you're a single Cancer, you'll feel like there's a flow taking you into new pleasure-filled destinations. You'll attract the attention and sympathy of people who are extremely similar to you.

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You'll bet on sustainable consumption  as far as your business goes. You know that saving up doesn't just imply buying fewer things, but spending fewer resources in general.

You'll be extremely controlling about the way you use your power and water, and there won't be anything that grinds your gears more than a TV on without anyone even watching it.

You won't be interested in loaning or borrowing money from family, because what apparently looks like an innocent kind-hearted gesture could be hiding nasty, hidden interests in the long run. If you think the worst, you won't be far wrong.


The stars will bless you as far as wellness goes,  but not as much as you'd like. Your intuition will tell you how to use your energy wisely, but don't speed up your life or give yourself completely every single time, because it'll take long for you to recover.

If you're coming out of a depressive stage, you'll feel yourself taking a step forward in your fight against this illness. You can feel vitality slowly coming back to your everyday life.

In order to finish off this Friday on a good note, the stars encourage you to take a nice walk around a natural space where there are trees and rivers around you. And if you dare, do some outdoor meditation while breathing in the pure, fresh air.