Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, January 12, 2021: You'll make your secret garden grow

You'll see many people interested in coming by your side


Cancer, you'll have a steady love life at a first glance;  you'll rejoice in the feeling of having plenty of time to enjoy yourself, you'll make your secret garden grow and will feel ambushed if someone tries to trespass it.

As a single crab, you'll see many people interested in coming by your side with something else aside from friendship on their mind. Don't become too stiff, because there's really interesting individuals who have already checked you out.

And if you're in a relationship, silence will get kind of awkward today. It seems that communication's hard to make happen, but it's okay, there'll be days when it becomes more flowy. Within your family there could be arguments, especially if you've got kids that appear to be a little rebellious.

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You'll have some surprising decision-making skills today, and if you aren't careful, you might even order your managers around; fortunately, they won't see your attitude as a bad thing, but they won't take you too seriously either.

In the same way, you've got a very refined, expensive taste, and you're running the risk of burning your credit card through. Luckily for you, most shops accept refunds and returns in a few days' time.

Creativity and freshness will become natural to you if you work in the arts; the muses of inspiration will come visit when you're in the midst of a project.


Laughing often will improve your well-being,  whether you're ill or going through an emotional flunk. People usually say laughter is the elixir of eternal youth, and it's free too!

Take a chance now that the week's starting and set some healthy goals for yourself, small victories that bring back your belief in your own willpower.

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