Cancer Horoscope for Friday on a universe background

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, February 12, 2021: Waiting will be so much worth the while

Everything will be simple and nice on your part


Cancer, the sun's shining pretty bright  for you, or at least that's what you're feeling today, on a perfect day to fall in love. Everything will be simple and nice on your part, and you'll be completely indifferent towards anyone who dares to make your skies dull and grey.

As far as long-lived marriages, vows will be renewed with the same passion you felt the day you met one another. How about getting back that spark by recreating any of the situations you experienced on your first few dates?

If you're single, you'll start a highly fruitful period for sowing some rewards, although collection time won't come until later.

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You might clash with jealous people at work,  or simply people who want to see you fall. Ignore heartless individuals and be generous to those colleagues of yours who truly deserve it. Fortunately for you, there's plenty of them!

You'll want to find the star formula to make any object you've got around you into money, due to an ambition with blurred boundaries. You're absolutely ready to get to the top of the mountain of success, with no trace of fear or insecurity.

The stars will help you load up your emotional baggage with patience. You know there's things that take a while to come around, but the wait is so much worth the while.


Try to have lots of fun out the house,  and if they're in the open space of nature, even better. On the one hand, you'll socialise with your loved ones and enjoy fun adventures with them; on the other, you're skipping on the temptation of walking into the kitchen, because sometimes you'll eat whatever you can snatch from the fridge out of boredom.

Some of you will get good news from the doctor about that illness you were fighting, which is becoming increasingly weak. Don't lower down your guard now!

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